The oil and gas industry is confronting strong headwinds in a world demanding change and transition, whilst also trying to meet the energy needs of a growing global population. As an industry that’s highly capital-intensive and complex in undertaking, meeting those two demands can be challenging to say the least. The International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), stresses that the the oil and gas industry will need to align its business strategies with the national strategies called for in the Paris Agreement to significantly reduce GHG emissions and to support the global energy transition. At the local level, decommissioned assets offers the industry to engage in conversations with regional communities with ‘circularity’ as a foundation.


Discussions around ‘Transition’ and ‘Circular Economy’ offers a buoyancy and probably the last chance for the industry to make the necessary transformation needed in strategy, leadership, product and service alignment, staff development, ecological innovation and overall performance for organisations to sustain their prosperity into the future. To confront this reality and align with the moving energy sands, conscious organisations will embrace and leverage emerging digital technologies, improved teamwork and inter-connectedness, diversity, commercial and community partnerships, leadership development and ultimately a new purpose to survive and thrive in a new energy world. We support oil and gas organisations by offering a new lens on their business models focussed on breaking away from the past and setting new sustainable paradigms.


  • Decommissioning Analysis and Strategy
  • Circular Economy
  • Blue Economy/ Blue Carbon Projects
  • Supply Chain Life Cycle Analysis/ Provenance
  • Asset Life Cycle Management Assessment
  • Complex Project Management
  • Complex Contract Management
  • Complex Risk Management
  • Climate Change Adaptation/Transition Planning
  • Innovation Pathways