The oil and gas industry has suffered enormously of late with low prices and demand crippling the industry. Internally, waste and duplication reigns as the disconnect between designers and operators continues to result in sub-optimal performance and waste. Within the value chain, disconnected contractors promote silos and further sub-optimal performance driven by a lowest price procurement framework that prevents the necessary continual improvement and innovation to drive culture, process and technological change. Most oil and gas organisations recognise these issues and desire a fresh approach to both culture and capabilities, but most are stuck from both a financial and an alignment perspective as to where to begin.


There are signs of recovery with oil prices rising and general confidence and optimism re-emerging within the industry. As investment returns coupled with previously laid off employees, this new buoyancy probably provides the one last chance for the industry to make the necessary transformation needed in strategy, leadership, product and service alignment, staff development, ecological innovation and overall performance for organisations to sustain their prosperity into the future. To confront this reality and align with the moving energy sands, conscious organisations will embrace and leverage emerging digital technologies, improved teamwork and inter-connectedness, diversity, commercial and community partnerships, leadership development and ultimately a new purpose to survive and thrive in a new energy world. We support oil and gas organisations by offering a new lens on their business models focussed on breaking away from the past and setting new sustainable paradigms.


  • Systems Mapping and Sensemaking
  • Business Model Resilience
  • Red Teaming – Strategy Stress Test
  • Supply Chain Risk and Opportunity Assessment
  • Asset Life Cycle Management Assessment
  • Material/ Product Life Cycle Analysis
  • Sustainability Health/ Maturity
  • Innovation Health and Future Posture Assessment
  • Leadership Advisory – Decision Making, Emergence, Trust, Eco-literacy
  • Complex Adaptive System Design
  • Digital R&D Program Development and Implementation
  • Climate Change Adaptation/Transition Planning
  • Circular Economy Program Development and Implementation