Australia’s mining industry is under increasing pressure to remain viable. Rising exploration and production costs, degrading commodity prices, volatile markets, climate change pressures and political uncertainty makes any forward planning near on impossible. From an investment perspective, stakeholders are demanding resource companies adopt principles that embrace a regenerate and wasteless outcome, otherwise known as the circular economy, and face reduced capital unless their carbon footprints diminish. The Mining industry is typically viewed as one of the most least efficient industries, particularly during production phases coupled with pit to port processes that exhibit significant inefficiencies and waste. Despite best efforts, old business models that promote silos, bureaucratic processes and systemic gaps prevents the industry from moving forward into a more prosperous and sustainable future.


We see a multitude of opportunities to work with our Mining clients in areas of improved teamwork, interconnectedness, decision making, agility, resourcefulness, cleaner production and waste management. When operations are synchronised together and silos destroyed, our Mining clients realise the type of resilience necessary to absorb and adapt to any commodity shocks, energy prices and stakeholder demand. Social and environmental strategies that adopt a more circular and multi-disciplinary posture would enable the industry to reuse much of the waste generated in the industry’s value chain coupled with the sharing and exchanging of services and assets. Through our strategic, organisational assessment, leadership training and shared value processes, clients forge dynamic strategies that allows them to prosper and permit investing in the future, despite uncertainty today.


  • Strategic Formulation
  • Threat and Opportunity Assessment
  • Sustainability Gap Analysis/ Maturity Assessment
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Materiality Review (AA1000)
  • Shared Value Creation – Community Engagement
  • ISO Compliance Review
  • Value Chain Health/ Sustainability
  • Sustainability Leadership Assessment and Development
  • Decision System Design
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Digital R&D Program Development and Implementation
  • Circular Economy Maturity Assessment
  • Circular Economy Program Development and Implementation